1. THE CAVEMAN GRILL: The Caveman Grill issues a warranty to the original purchaser or owner who purchased the product from an authorised dealer (the “warrantyā€¯) and who registered at The Caveman Grill company the warranty as required. This warranty is valid for so long as the original purchaser owns The Caveman Grill or the covered component part.

2. METAL COMPONENT PARTS: All metal, stainless steel, and corten-steel component parts and products of The Caveman Grill have a limited standard manufacturer warranty of two (2) years for the original purchaser.
However, metal, stainless steel and corten-steel materials may be affected by surface scratches, extreme heat, or exposure to substances and/or exceptional circumstances that are not part of normal use. Chlorine, industrial vapours, chemicals, chemical fertilisers, extreme humidity, lawn pesticides and salt are some of the substances that can affect the above-mentioned materials. For these reasons, the warranty will NOT cover SCRATCHES, DENTS, RUST, OXIDATION, FADING, DISCOLORATION or other imperfections on metal, stainless steel and corten-steel component parts or materials, unless they lead to defects in the construction or to the essential component parts of The Caveman Grill that result in The Caveman Grill no longer functioning properly.

3. NON-METALLIC COMPONENT PARTS: All other non-metallic component parts and/or products of The Caveman Grill, such as the wheels/tires, wooden racks, fireproof bricks and protective cover, have a limited standard manufacturer warranty of two (2) years for the original purchaser. However, the afore-mentioned non-metallic parts are still subject to normal wear and tear, which is not covered by the warranty.

4. COVER ACCORDING TO THE WARRANTY: Original component parts of The Caveman Grill with material and workmanship faults and that are covered by this warranty will be replaced or, in so far as possible, repaired at the discretion of The Caveman Grill.

5. OTHER: Other component parts or accessories of The Caveman Grill that are purchased from or through a dealer authorised by The Caveman Grill may also be subject to different warranties – see the specific article for details.
PLEASE NOTE: Do not place The Caveman Grill directly on, under, or near a flammable surface, for example, a wooden floor, porch, (temporary) canopy, table, plant/tree or near easily-flammable items, since this negates the warranty and The Caveman Grill explicitly disclaims all liability for all direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages that may result. Do not use lighter fluid or any flammable mixture in The Caveman Grill. This can lead to damage or injury. For safety tips, see the user manual on www.thecavemangrill.nl. The Caveman Grill makes use of firewood (open fire), which means the flames are higher than would normally be expected from an ordinary BBQ/grill.

6. WHAT IS NOT COVERED: These warranties are based on normal household use and maintenance of The Caveman Grill. Commercial use by, for example, caterers, restaurants, butchers, rental companies and other such applications are excluded from the warranty. The warranty does not apply to incidental or accidental damage, breakage, deformation or for damage caused by: transportation; drop, incorrect assembly, incorrect foundation support/placement, placement of a combustible surface under the equipment, commercial use, modifications, adjustments made by the customer, negligence or misuse, improper care/cleaning, normal and reasonable wear and tear, or natural disasters.

7. NULLIFICATION OF THE WARRANTY: All unauthorised modifications or changes made to The Caveman Grill shall render the warranty void. This includes rough or careless transportation, drilling holes or customisation of parts; use of component parts not intended for The Caveman Grill; or use of inner component parts in any way other than as intended by the supplier.
Changes or replacement of interior component parts, such as the refractory bricks or the grill, shall render the warranty void, and The Caveman Grill expressly disclaims any liability for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages caused by this. Violations of Article 5 above will also render the warranty void and The Caveman Grill expressly disclaims all liability for all resulting direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages.

8. LIMITATIONS: This warranty is not transferable. There are no other warranties, express or implied, except as specifically stated in this warranty or as stipulated by law. The Caveman Grill does not authorise any other person or representative to take or accept obligations or liability for The Caveman Grill in connection with the sale of The Caveman Grill or other related products. Warranties, written, oral, express or implied, are not provided to people who receive the product from any other source than The Caveman Grill.

9. COVERAGE DATE: The warranty coverage commences from the time of delivery of The Caveman Grill to the original purchaser.

10. WARRANTY CLAIM PROCEDURE: Claims against the warranty must be submitted in writing to Caveman Industries, FAO Directie, Rijksstraatweg 151, 1396 JK, Baambrugge, Netherlands. An invoice, together with proof of payment, is required in order to submit a claim against the warranty. We require you to describe the problem or the defective component part (with a photo) accurately. For warranty purposes, an original purchaser is the person whose name appears on the invoice and has registered The Caveman Grill as required.

11. SHIPPING AND DELIVERY: The Caveman Grill is not liable for costs for shipping, order, labour or packaging, export/import duties, VAT or other taxes levied as a result of a claim against the warranty, service, repair, or return, unless this is explicitly stated in these warranty provisions or has otherwise has been agreed in writing by The Caveman Grill.

The Caveman Grill is not liable for non-fulfilment (or delayed fulfilment) of the warranty obligations caused by an event or unforeseen circumstance outside the control of The Caveman Grill, including, but not limited to, force majeure, war, government restrictions or barriers, strikes, fire, flood, transport delays or reduced material inventory.

13. THE OBLIGATIONS In the event of a repair or replacement of component parts in the manner specified herein, all obligations under the warranty and/or any direct and/or derivative liabilities or implied warranties of The Caveman Grill will be adhered to.

14. REGISTERING THE WARRANTY: The warranty can be registered by email (info@thecavemangrill.nl) with The Caveman Grill within 1 month after delivery. If you do not register The Caveman Grill, or you do not register The Caveman Grill in the way made available by The Caveman Grill, this warranty is not valid. If you require a printed form to be sent to you, you can contact The Caveman Grill via info@thecavemangrill.nl. The warranties specified here contain all your legal rights according to the warranty of The Caveman Grill.