Het Caveman verhaal begon ooit bij een kampvuurtje in Zuid Frankrijk. Twee van de oprichters probeerden daar eendenborst te grillen boven een houtvuurtje. Dat viel nog stevig tegen omdat het vet voortdurende dreigde te verbranden. Zo’n 30 jaar later leidde deze ervaring tot het ontwikkelen van een eigen grill: de Caveman.


A sturdy grill largely made of Corten steel and with a weight of 190 kg an imposing device. Meanwhile, several models have been developed, including an entirely stainless steel Pro-version that since the end of 2018 is in full swing in the kitchen of Ron’s Gastrobar. It is not so surprising that Ron Blaauw made this choice. From Stockholm to Singapore, from Sydney to London, chefs around the world are rediscovering one of the oldest and purest methods of cooking. They are inspired by the unique flavour that can only come from a combination of fire and smoke.

London is one of the cities leading the way in this new trend. Despite the Brexit, this culinary capital is constantly developing new catering concepts in which grilling on an open fire plays a central role. For example, the restaurant Brat was recently opened by Tomos Parry. Parry discovered the power of wood fire in the Basque country. To be precise, in Asador Etxebarri, the world famous (and top 10 restaurant!) of Victor Arguinzoniz. He developed his own grill on which he makes everything from a perfect ribeye to prawns from Palamos, and even ice cream!

Chef Parry is not the only chef in London to have discovered the grill. Pitt Cue Co started as a food truck and now runs a very popular grill restaurant. Meanwhile, the grill is so successful that even chains of restaurants are created: Temper has no less than 3 and Hawksmoor even 6 branches in London. These restaurants are all about cooking with wood ovens and wood grills.


Perhaps it was the broadcast of Francis Mallmann in the Netflix docu-series Chef’s Table that made viewers (and eaters) all over the world look for meat on the grill. This Argentine chef with restaurants all over South America is conquering hearts with the use of wood fire. Mallmann uses no less than 7 different techniques in the preparation of his wonderful dishes.

Dutch chefs are not sitting still either. Ron Blaauw has been preparing meat and fish on a wood-fired grill in his Gastrobar since the end of 2018. Hans van Wolde is experimenting with the Caveman at Beluga in Maastricht. But not only these well-known restaurants are leading the way. The Caveman grill is also in full swing at Strand Zuid in Amsterdam, Vooges in Zandvoort and at caterer Runderkamp in Volendam.


The parent company of the Caveman, Caveman Industries, has developed a range of grills for both professional kitchens and homes to make wood-fired grilling accessible to everyone. Essentially, each Caveman is a firepit with refractory bricks and a height-adjustable V-bar grate. This makes it easy to adjust the right distance from the heat source. The V bars also ensure that the fat is drained off directly and cannot burn.

The high-quality, natural materials used guarantee a long life. The grid, the ashtray and the body are made from high-quality stainless steel. On the inside, the Caveman Grill is inlaid with refractory bricks which provide the necessary radiant heat for prolonged and even grilling. The stainless steel wheels also ensure perfect manoeuvrability. Depending on the application, the Caveman can be supplied for mobile use (outdoors) or entirely in stainless steel for the kitchen.

Artikel door Jose Evers