The Caveman Grill Pro


Pro models for Professional Indoor Kitchen:

As a professional you certainly will have noticed that we are increasingly opting for genuine products and pure preparation. Grilling meat, fish and vegetables on a wood fire fits seamlessly into this trend. The Caveman Grill has developed 3 tabletop models especially for use in the professional kitchen: ‘Gastro’, ‘Pro XL’ and the mid-sized ‘Pro’.

The Caveman ‘Pro’ models have an extremely easily height-adjustable grid. So that you can make maximum use of the radiant heat of the open woodfire (and/or charcoal) while grilling. Or, if desired, stay a little further away from the heat for ‘slower’ cooking of your meat, fish or vegetables. Also extremely suitable for giving the ‘finishing touch’, by which you add that delicious woody / smokey flavor.

The Pro models are made of high-quality stainless steel and can be placed directly on a standard-height stainless steel kitchen worktop under a suitable exhaust system. Or, if you are renovating, can of course also be built in seamlessly. The ‘Pro’ models are delivered without stainless steel table.

The Caveman Grill can be ordered online in the major European countries or otherwise by email/phone at our headquarters in the Netherlands. Please see for contact details under ‘Contact’.

Keyfacts Pro

  • Flame grilling: a sensational flavor
  • Height adjustable grill grate: easy to handle
  • Precise temperature regulation
  • Inlay with firebricks: optimal heat radiation
  • In 15 minutes ‘ready to grill’
  • High quality materials: Stainless Steel
  • Made in Holland: long life span


  • Length/width/height: 75/45/90 cm | 30”/18”/36”
  • Grilling surface : 55/32 cm | 22”/13”
  • Weight : 85 kg | 187 lbs

Shipping and delivery The Caveman Grill Pro

Customers ordering from most European countries can order Caveman products online including door-to-door shipping to your requested destination. Please find below more information on shipping, shipping fees per country, potential customs clearance and delivery times for The Caveman Grill Pro.

Delivery times The Caveman Grill Pro

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